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getting dumped for the guy i was cheated on a month ago rules.

save me, xanax.
save me, vodka.
save me, cocaine.
and save me, pot.
  • I can't believe this.

    I just talked to you this morning.

    I love you Scott.

    More than you'll ever know.

    You were my first everything...

    ...I'll never forget you.
  • scott adler is fucking legend.
  • i love you so much scott
  • WWVD?

    What Would Vader Do?
  • who the hell is spoussed to call me tiger now?
  • (no subject) - fex82
    • Six years, and you're still a fucking dumbass. At least WalMart allows you to keep your Mohawk. Thank God for high school drop outs such as yourself.
  • Bleh. Miss you darling.
  • i miss you.
  • "I'd give up forever to touch you"
  • puddin
    i do love you
    we were supposed to be togehter forever
    but we can still be mentally
    and i know you're with me
    i just can't touch you
    but i can talk to you
    as much as i want
    and until my face turns blue
  • i listen to elliott smith.
    and it reminds me of sitting around and being depressed with you.
    and doing too many drugs.
  • faygo & hamburgers from rios
    i'll pay.
  • calvinshmalvin: do you hate me?
    calvinshmalvin: nevermind. goodbye.
    lmaodoodz: Yes as a matter of fact I do. In fact I hate you so much that if I had the chance of getting away with it, I'd open your face up with a Remmington 870 Shotgun, but there's laws that prevent me from doing so.
  • holy shit.
    please please please tell me that you're fine.
  • i miss you man, i think about you every day.
  • Level the killing field.

    A piece of my heart is missing kid.
  • Rebel scum

    So I work for a law firm now, and my boss handles cases for wrestlers. You would've loved this, man.

    I still don't know if you ever got that ink done.
  • It's been a year.
  • i can't believe it's been a year.
    probably one of the hardest years ever.
    i still miss you.
    i want you to call me so i can go pick you up and go to wal-mart and then watch lucha libre.
  • life without you around is depressing.
    come back and hang out with me now, please.
  • i wish you were here, scott.
    i love you.
    and i've been sad sad sad.
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